Development program of leasing domestic SSJ100 aircraft prolonged to stage 3


In 2018 STLC will receive a subsidy worth RUB 9.8 bln from the federal budget for purchasing Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) aircraft, which are manufactured by SCAC, in order to grow the aircraft fleet of airlines with a following increase in the authorized capital of the company in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.  

In the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation №1171 from October 2, 2018, it is assumed that the allocated budget funds will be used to purchase 8 SSJ100 aircraft that will be delivered in 2018-2019. STLC will also attract RUB 9 bln of investments from the market for aircraft purchasing.

“Earlier STLC was recapitalized by RUB 30 bln in 2015 and RUB 4 bln in 2016. As of today the company leased 36 aircraft to Russian airlines as a part of the implementation program.

“The development program of leasing domestic SSJ100 aircraft is gaining momentum. RUB 9.8 bln allocated by the government will allow to purchase 8 more aircraft in advance. As a result, considering both recapitalizations, STLC will lease 44 SSJ100 aircraft to Russian airlines. It is worth pointing out that SSJ100 aircraft is very much in demand among the operators – all aircraft to be delivered in 2018-2019 are already distributed among customers”, - says the CEO of STLC Sergey Khramagin.