Moody’s Investors Service Revised STLC’s Outlook to Positive from Stable


On 29 January 2018 Moody’s Investors Service revised outlook on STLC’s long-term corporate family rating to positive from stable, while the rating was affirmed at ‘Ba2’. Also, the rating agency affirmed foreign currency backed senior unsecured debt rating of GTLK Europe DAC, the issuer of STLC’s Group Eurobonds, at ‘Ba3’ changing outlook to positive from stable.

Outlook uplift on STLC’s and GTLK Europe’s ratings followed Moody's change of outlook on Russia's ‘Ba1’ sovereign debt rating to positive from stable on 25 January 2018. The capacity and willingness of the Russian government to assist the financial institutions whose ratings benefit from potential state support remains substantially unchanged, stated Moody’s in the press release.

Thus, after the rating action by Moody’s STLC has positive outlook on the credit ratings assigned by all three leading international rating agencies.