Russian government redistributed RUB 4 billion allocated to STLC for purchasing helicopters and L-410 aircraft


Russian government redistributed RUB 4 bln allocated to STLC for purchasing helicopters manufactured by “Russian Helicopters” and L-410 aircraft manufactured by “Ural Civil Aviation Plant”. The relevant decree of the Government of the Russian Federation was signed by the Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev.  

According to the previous version of the resolution, approved at the end of 2017, STLC received RUB 4 bln from the budget to order in advance two IL-96-400M manufactured by UAC enterprises.

“In the current version of the resolution of the Russian government, it is assumed that in 2019 PJSC STLC will purchase 15 MI-8 helicopters worth a total of RUB 6,4 bln, 4 Ansat helicopters worth Rub 999 mil and 4 L-410 aircraft priced at RUB 1,7 bln.

STLC’s net income in the first half of 2018 according to RAS was RUB 380 mil compared to the loss of RUB 1,7 bln in the previous year. Revenue for the reporting period has increased by 1,9 times and reached RUB 17 bln. Gross profit doubled and reached RUB 9,1 rub. The sales profit also doubled and was RUB 8,5 bln. Cost of sales grew by 1,8 times and reached RUB 7,9 bln.