STLC Has Become the Dominant Leader of the Russian Leasing Market


9 February 2018, Moscow – Expert RA Rating Agency (RAEX) in collaboration with the United Leasing Association have published preliminary results of the Russian leasing sector for 2017.  

According to RAEX, State transport leasing company (STLC) holds the leading positions across all key performance indicators. For instance, STLC has become the largest leasing company in Russia by the size of lease portfolio which exceeded RUB 534 billion. For the second consecutive year the Company ranks first by new business volume. In 2017 this indicator amounted to RUB 142 billion demonstrating a 15.7 per cent increase, as compared to 2016. STLC is also leads by the amount of new lease contracts, which exceeded RUB 242 billion, as of the year-end.

“2017 became the year of extensive growth for STLC. As a result our Company took a top position defined by both the size of lease portfolio and the new business volume in Russia. We managed to significantly extend the volume of existing projects as well as launch a number of new important federal  level state programmes, such as the programme for the support of national helicopter industry,  the project for local manufacturing of LET L-410 aircraft and the programme for the construction of auto-railway ferries aimed at the improvement of transport accessibility of Sakhalin Island with mainland Russia. We continued implementation of existing SSJ100 aircraft programme and transport energy-efficiency programme delivering new natural gas vehicle fleet to various regions of the Russian Federation. It may be safely said that realization of state projects aimed at the development of the national transportation sector and transport machine building industry have been and remain the key objectives for STLC”, stated STLC’s CEO Sergey Khramagin.