Development of transport infrastructure of the Russian Federation

STLC is actively involved in the development of the Russian transport infrastructure and is an investor and provider of leased assets in the major socially and economically significant projects at the federal level.

Work of STLC in this direction is oriented towards the realization of the main objectives of the Transport Strategy of the Russian Federation to create a common transport space of the country on the basis of a balanced development of efficient transport infrastructure. It provides for the development of roads and railways on the approaches to the international road border crossing points at the state border of the Russian Federation, to the sea and river ports, airports, major transport hubs. Much attention is paid to the development of the Russian Federation's transit potential.

To date, the company implemented the construction project for the Yuzhnouralskiy transport and logistics complex (Chelyabinsk region). The complex is essential for the development and strengthening of trade and economic relations between China and Russia. TLC is the largest transport infrastructure in the Euro-Asian transport corridor, strategic site of a new Silk Road. Operation of the complex will more than two times reduce railway road from western China (SUAR union of wine and spirit producers) in transit through Kazakhstan to Russia and Western Europe.

Yuzhnouralskiy TLC stimulates the simultaneous development of rail and road transport in accordance with international standards. STLC is also active in other major infrastructure projects that are currently under development.